Hairwork 30.07.2013

The Meaning of Hair in Jewellery

Hairwork is a strange material to the modern viewer. Clouded with mystique and modern interpretations of what hair means, this…

Lockets 19.10.2011

A Grand Statement in an Early Pendant

Often when appraising jewels, it’s easy to lose sight of their fashionable purpose, of promoting an aesthetic that is beautiful…

Art 17.12.2010
1883 French Hair Art

1883 French Hair Art

Another perfect example of French hair art and a wonderful companion piece to the 1851 artwork previously shown on the…

Brooches 15.10.2010

A Sentimental Brooch For a Mother and Daughter, c.1860

Dedication: To D.H.R from her affectionate mother. Often a piece comes along that you feel in your heart is special…

Rings 10.09.2010
3 Member Family Mourning Ring, Blue Enamel

3 Members of a Family Mourning Ring with Diamond and Blue Enamel

Year: Easter Morn, April 5th, 1874 / August 2, 1869 / 1870 Dedication: “Papa” A. Lowe / M.M Lowe /…

Rings 03.09.2010
Pearl Forget Me Not Ring 1862

Mid 19th Century Elegance: Forget-Me-Not Ring

Year: July 1862 Dedication: G.H (age 63) The period of 1850 to 1870 saw a very common habit of the…

Rings 13.08.2010
1888 Sentimental Hair Band

1888 Sentimental Hair Band in Original Heart-Shaped Box

Country: Scotland (A. Struthers, 54 Leith St, Edinburgh) Year: 1888 An excellent example of love tokens from the time and…

Collecting 13.06.2010, A Modern Hair Resource

Let’s get one thing straight; hairworking is a craft and an art. You can’t stop by any modern jeweller and…