Rings 06.12.2016
John Rose Mourning Rings, 1815, black and white enamel with hair

Family Mourning Rings for John Rose, 1815

Mourning jewellery is a physical connection between people. Be it from the wearer to the deceased, it also connects the…

Brooches 02.10.2016
Neoclassical mourning jewel showing father and children next to a tomb inscribed 'Alas! She's gone'. In the Heavens is a cherub holding a sign stating 'GLORY'.

Alas! She’s Gone, Part 2

In a connection between a parent and child, the basis of the family is measured by their love and their…

Bracelets 12.01.2015
20th century charm bracelet in silver

Charms, Chains and Bracelets

Charm bracelets defy the typical aesthetic convention of wrist jewellery, due to their ability to adapt, grow and completely contradict…

Rings 03.06.2013
Triple Mourning Ring, White Enamel

Triple Mourning Ring, White Enamel, 1791

The profound statement of a mourning jewel brings a tremendous amount of gravity to its existence. The dedication in a…

Bracelets 26.09.2012
1855 Family Hairwork Bracelet

1855 Hairwork Bracelet

Hairwork bracelets are more common in sentimental and mourning jewellery. As much as the clasp or gold work in a…

Rings 09.01.2012
Blue Enamel Late Victorian Family Mourning Ring

Blue Enamel and Diamond Family Mourning Ring, Late 19thC

It is quite an unusual and remarkable thing when a mourning or sentimental jewel takes on the properties of an…

Rings 10.09.2010
3 Member Family Mourning Ring, Blue Enamel

3 Members of a Family Mourning Ring with Diamond and Blue Enamel

Year: Easter Morn, April 5th, 1874 / August 2, 1869 / 1870 Dedication: “Papa” A. Lowe / M.M Lowe /…

Bracelets 22.03.2010

Spotlight On: 19th Century Hairwork Bracelet

Hairwork bracelets are popular forms of sentimental and mourning jewellery, being always fashionable and relatively cheap to produce. As much…