Rings 03.09.2016
Bronze religious buckle ring, c.14th Century, inscribed "MATER DEI MEMANTO" / "Mother of God Remember Me".

Ecclesiastical Jewels in the Middle Ages

Piety and fidelity are the primary aspects of what drive the need for a memory of love. The idea of…

Brooches 02.07.2012
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Faith Hope Charity

Sarah Honlett, Age 14 Moves ‘Toward the Heavens’ in this Neoclassical Brooch

Faith, hope and charity are of the most typical symbols during the 19th century; their nondescript sentimentality and adherence to…

Rings 11.05.2012
1794 watercolour Ring

Hope, Heaven and Colour in This 1794 Ring

‘Affection weeps, heaven rejoices’ announces this watercolour on ivory ring and from the unique symbolism to the marvellously crafted mourning…

Rings 26.12.2011

Faith, Hope and Charity Ring

Did you get anything wonderful for Christmas? Please share your treasure with the rest of the Mourners at the Art…

Symbolism 03.10.2010

Symbolism Sunday, Faith, Hope & Charity

Let’s have a little fun over the next few weeks by looking at Faith, Hope and Charity as well as…