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Lockets 11.08.2014
French St Esprit Necklace

French Saint Esprit Dove Necklace

During the Rococo period of the 18th century, much of the most ornate and elaborate jewellery was created. Rococo as a…

Brooches 07.04.2014
REGARD pin with turquoise

The Georgian “REGARD” Brooch

Jewellers and goldsmiths who had a close proximity to the crown benefitted from the attention and fame that their patronage…

Lockets 05.08.2013
Ampersand Locket

Ampersand Locket

Love is the intrinsic connection between two people and it is the purpose of a jewel to show this connection…

Lockets 01.05.2013
Georgian Heart REGARD Pendant 18th Century

Georgian Heart REGARD Locket

Every jewel is a remarkable monument to its time, its fashion, its very personality. Sentimental jewels are the embodiment of…

Lockets 24.12.2012
Georgian Heart Emerald Flower Pendant 18th Century

Embellished Georgian Heart Love Pendant

Over the course of the following articles: > An Eternity Knot in a Crystal Heart Pendant > Mourning Crystal “Georgian” Heart > 18th…

Lockets 14.12.2012
Georgian Heart Crystal Pendant 18th Century Ribbon Bow

Hairwork Bow/Ribbon Pendant

By the 1780s, many of the shapes in memorial and sentimental jewels that were common remained the popular standard. From…

Lockets 02.11.2011

Recovery and Regard in an Opulent Pendant

You’ll have to forgive this Jewellery Historian and Halloween fun. You know, when you deal with such a morbid subject…


  • User AvatarArt of Mourning
    Thank you, Leah! White enamel with an older gentleman; it...
  • User AvatarLeah
    It's amazing how timeless some of these pieces are! While...
  • User AvatarLeah
    It's amazing how timeless some of these pieces are! While...
  • User AvatarLeah
    Great article as usual! What is the meaning of a...