Brooches 20.06.2012
Memento Mori Ribbon Slide

Adapting Style in the 18th Century / Stuart Crystal Brooch

Use of the monogram cipher is a very important to note when considering the social change and the purpose of…

Rings 23.05.2012
Georgian Cameo Mourning Ring

Mourning Onyx Cameo Ring, Rich with Symbolism

One of the more unusual and exciting things about collecting antique mourning jewels is to see how they have been…

Rings 17.02.2012

c.1680 Memento Mori Skeleton Ring

Formerly a ribbon slide, this Stuart crystal converted ring is still a perfect version of its form. The skeleton with…

Brooches 25.07.2011
Willow and Urn Pin 1811

Willows and Urns and Sepia, Oh My!

This lovely Navette beauty found its home in 1811, but was quite probably constructed earlier. It’s a wonderful piece that…