Collecting 12.04.2012

37th Annual Geelong Antique Fair 2012

Courtesy of Kenny’s Antiques comes one of the antique fairs that I truly do enjoy, if you’re in the area,…

Collecting 21.01.2012

Fryerstown Annual Antique Fair, 2012

Those who have been reading this website over the past few years know that I do love a good antique…

Collecting 18.11.2011
In Memory of Collecting

Frock Up! The Way We Wear Fair, Williamstown, 2011

One of the things I love most, next to educating the world about the virtues of mourning jewellery, is informing…

Collecting 28.09.2011

Essential Mourning and Sentimental Jewellery Books, Part 2

Following on from Part 1 of our little book review adventure, here are a few books that may or may…

Collecting 26.09.2011

Essential Mourning and Sentimental Jewellery Books, Part 1

Over at my website Art of Mourning, I’ve got a reasonably comprehensive list of the essential books to buy if…

Collecting 23.09.2011

Mourning and Sentimental Jewellery: Real, Fake or Somewhere In-between?

There’s been a lot of discussion about the limits of what a fake or a forgery is over at the…

Rings 26.07.2011

Spoilt for Choice: decision-making 101 for the collector

You’ve discovered a treasure: unique, beautiful, interesting, an asset to your collection and within your fiscal reach! Buy, buy, buy!…

Collecting 08.06.2011

Melbourne Antiques Fair 2011

Another year and I can’t wait to discover new treasures. If you’re in the Melbourne area, come along and we…

Collecting 26.05.2011

Vintage Clothing, Jewellery & Textiles Show

I make no apologies for my love of antique/vintage costume, I grew up with costumiers and if it wasn’t for…

Other 04.04.2011
In Memory of Collecting

In Remembrance / Mizpah / Le Plus Loin Le Plus Serre

The time has come for me to spread the good word of memorial jewellery around the world for the next…

Collecting 05.03.2011
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Antiques in Autumn, Box Hill Town Hall

If you’re close to Melbourne City, this one is quite good to find some wonderful items. Be quick, or I’ll…

Collecting 04.03.2011

Maryborough Antiques & Collectors Fair

It’s going to be a busy weekend for those in Melbourne, so I hope you have a car and a…

Collecting 18.02.2011

Maldon Antique and Collectables Fair 2011

Feeling like finding some treasure? Then get ready for the Maldon Antique and Collectables Fair (which I do believe to…

Collecting 01.01.2011

Happy New Year, Jewellery Historians!

It’s been a wonderful year for us all and I hope that the new year brings you all that you…

Collecting 23.12.2010

Essential Reading / Books for the Collector Part 1

Over at my website Art of Mourning, I’ve got a reasonably comprehensive list of the essential books to buy if…

Collecting 17.07.2010

Instant Karma

Anyone been to the fairs this weekend yet? If not, get going (doesn’t matter if it’s the Melbourne ones or…

Collecting 03.06.2010

Running out of Steam, Collecting for the Sake of It

There comes a point after collecting over so many years that you feel that you’ve seen it all and you’ve…

Collecting 24.05.2010

Book Suggestions

I’m in desperate need of some new reading matter; have any of you got any suggestions for a lad? Comment…

Collecting 05.05.2010

What’s It Worth (to you)?

At what point is your collection just a return on investment? As I’ve mentioned before, a lot of people suggest…

Collecting 01.05.2010

Question of the Day

By now, you may have noticed that I do like the old things, but what I want to know is…

Collecting 25.04.2010

What Turns You On?

Well, it’s pretty obvious that I quite like the mourning jewels and if you’re here, there’s no doubt that you…

Collecting 21.04.2010

The One That Got Away

Once upon a time I was travelling the continent and happened upon a small shop on the outskirts of an…

Collecting 08.04.2010

Collecting in Melbourne; The Future

Changes in the collecting landscape of Melbourne, Australia owe a lot to the new generation of collectors and the shifting focus from Antique Centres as museums, to multi-faceted warehouses containing junk/vintage/retro objects (who would have known that He-Man figure or M&M dispenser would be worth money?) to the antique.

Other 05.04.2010

Don’t Be Emo!

People always ask me what I do for a living and after I tell them what I ‘do’, I assault…

Collecting 28.03.2010

Thirst for Knowledge: Horology

I have an honest secret to share and it shames me as much as it thrills me. I don’t know…

Collecting 14.03.2010

ebay is the Way?

I wrote in a previous post about the decline of the venerable Melbourne antique centres during the early naughties and…

Collecting 13.03.2010

Another Weekend, Another Road Trip

Well, it’s that time of the week where it’s time to venture forth into the world and discover some treasures….

Other 11.03.2010

Wearing Hairwork: Why, Hayden, Why?

Wearing hairwork isn’t something that I would recommend as a daily habit. My only caveat for that is that if…

Collecting 09.03.2010

Shame On You

To follow up to my last post ‘Fool Me Twice…‘, I do recall the very same dealer venting his lack…

Other 04.03.2010

Cause For Concern / Is It or Isn’t It?

If you’ve ever looked at a piece and wondered about it being real or not, or if there’s any doubt in your mind about it being correct, then you have a definite cause for concern and if it’s not what you want or you don’t like it aesthetically, perhaps it’s best to put it back.