Rings 29.07.2015
Micromosaic mourning ring, c.1800, The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection on loan to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Cameo & Micromosaic Influences in Mourning Jewels

Culturally, the values of Europe differ across small geographic regions. Values in religion, politics, and language all have an impact on the styles of…

Brooches 25.10.2014
Butterfly mourning brooch, sardonyx cameo “Henry James Esqr died /13th Nov 1839 in his 80th Year”

Butterfly Symbols and 19th Century Jewellery

As with all symbols, there aren’t simple explanations for them when they transcend one culture or time. Organic symbols have…

Rings 28.04.2014
Onyx ring with willow and urn

The Urn, Willow and Onyx in the 18th Century

The urn and willow captured the imagination of the 18th century like no other mourning symbols. Their prominence of design…

Brooches 04.11.2013
Wellington Mourning Cameo

Wellington Mourning Brooch

A state funeral has the highest cultural impact on mourning fashion. From the creation of memorial jewellery to the random…

Rings 23.05.2012
Georgian Cameo Mourning Ring

Mourning Onyx Cameo Ring, Rich with Symbolism

One of the more unusual and exciting things about collecting antique mourning jewels is to see how they have been…

Rings 11.01.2012

Mourning Cameo Onyx Ring, Late Victorian

Mourning cameos have been set in jewellery from the mid 18th Century as popular items. Different materials have been used,…

Accessories 15.09.2011
Duke of Wellington Mourning Cameo

The Iron Duke in a Black Glass Cameo

In much the same way as this commemorative medallion for Princess Charlotte of Wales, this exceptional cameo souvenir resonates with…

Lockets 18.07.2011
jet cameo pendant 1879

Suffer a Jet Locket!

For more on Jet and its similar materials, have a look at these articles and for something beautiful, read the…

Brooches 27.09.2010
Diana Forsyth Family Brooch - Artemis Cameo mid 19th Century with Hairwork

Join Me with a Look at a 19th Century Sentimental Cameo Brooch of Artemis Featuring Hairwork

From the collection of the family of Diana Forsyth comes this wonderful (and pristine) cameo brooch. In a change of pace today, I’m inviting you to join me on a spontaneous evaluation of the piece, rather than spending hours researching, then displaying the knowledge. You’re going for a little walk through my mind, (beware) so let’s begin to have a look at it…

Rings 18.09.2010
Mourning Cameo Ring Victorian

Late Victorian Mourning Cameo Ring

Mourning cameos have been set in jewellery from the mid 18th Century as popular items. Different materials have been used,…