Lockets 04.03.2013
Edwardian Heart-Shaped Locket

Post-Victorian Lockets and Pendants

The decline of the mourning industry was not exclusively ‘mourning’ related, but an actual change in fashion and social taste….

Lockets 01.03.2013
In Memory Of Locket Victorian

‘In Memory Of’ – A Timeless Dedication For A Memorial Locket

‘In Memory Of’. Very few sentiments in mourning jewellery resonate so strongly over such a long period of time and…

Lockets 20.02.2013
Locket Miniature Black Enamel

Miniatures, Lockets and The Rise of Photography

Since the 1840s, photography had changed the landscape of sentimental jewels. Many factors contributed to this, involving improvements in technology…

Lockets 08.02.2013
Gothic Revival Locket Diamond Forget Me Not

Gothic Revival Meets Rococo Revival in this Stunning Locket, 1834

By 1834, all the elements of the Gothic Revival had entered mainstream fashion and was directly responsible for jewels like…

Lockets 06.02.2013
Gothic Revival Small Pendant

Small 1830s Mourning Pendant with Hairwork

Here, we see the Gothic Revival and its impact on pendants and lockets. The most important aspect of this is…

Lockets 26.12.2012
Black Enamel Mourning Pendant Hairwork Neoclassical

Pouncy Mourning Pendant, 1793

 For historical research on this piece, please read this article by Sarah Nehama The period of 1790-1800 was one of…

Lockets 21.12.2012
Black Enamel French Mourning Locket

Rien Sans Amitie, Cabochon Garnet French Mourning Locket

By the time this piece became popular in fashionable styles, the ‘magical’ property of gems had started to permeate through…

Bracelets 01.10.2012
Civil War Bracelet

Baltimore 19th Century Bracelet

Bracelets, like any other form of jewellery, can be highly personalised, be it with hairwork or gold. This piece comes…

Accessories 05.09.2012
Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Enamel

Art of Hairwork 5: Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Black Enamel Fittings

Symbolism in watch chains and their fittings are primarily the key identifier when it comes to many of the surviving…

Lockets 29.08.2012
Mourning, Mourning Locket, 19th Century, Hairwork, Chain, Black Enamel

Not Lost But Gone Before Locket and Hairwork Chain

There is a union of three elements in this necklace and locket that symbolise the epitome of fashion and the…

Brooches 17.08.2012
Mourning, Mourning Brooch, Sentimental Brooch, 19th Century, Brooch, Hairwork, Glass, Black Enamel, Victorian

Damage in a Late 19th Century Brooch

Damage is such a common theme with jewels from the 1850s onwards that we have to discuss it. More so…

Brooches 14.08.2012

Mother/Daughter Brooch From 1860

Often a piece comes along that you feel in your heart is special and was kept untouched and loved for…

Brooches 10.08.2012
Hand Flower 19th Century Brooch

Holding on to a 19th Century Brooch

The floral motif that is so prevalent on this jewel is very important to factor in its age, particularly when…

Brooches 08.08.2012
1846 Black Enamel Mourning Brooch

Simplification of Gothic Revival Design in a Brooch

The 1840s saw a period of jewellery design standardisation, mostly due to the Gothic Revival period entering the mainstream of…

Brooches 06.08.2012

Gothic Revival and Its Influence in a Brooch

By the 1830s, styles became grander, with machine working on gold lockets. Lower grade alloys and pinchbeck became more of…

Brooches 30.07.2012
Mourning, Mourning Brooch, Sentimental Brooch, 19th Century, Brooch, Hairwork, Glass, Black Enamel, White Enamel, Research

Researching a Black and White Enamel 19th Century Brooch

The style of this brooch shows a clear continuity from the late 18th Century and also outlines the changes of…

Brooches 25.07.2012
Neillo 19th Century Brooch

Niello Brooch, 1819

This Niello brooch is very typical of the Regency period, but the style only lasted for a short time. Other…

Rings 04.06.2012
Wheat Sheaf Ring, 18th Century

18th Century Wheat Sheaf Hairwork Ring

The wheat sheaf was one of the more common symbols used in late 18th century Neoclassical jewels, a symbol that…

Rings 16.05.2012
Black Enamel Swivel Ring Georgian

Black Enamel Swivel Ring, 1798 “Sacred to Friendship”

With this remarkable ring, we have an adoption of old styles moving into the beginning of the 19th century. This…

Rings 04.05.2012
Towards Heaven Sepia Ring

Towards Heaven 1792 Sepia Ring

Physical direction and movement in Neoclassical jewels of the late 18th and early 19th century which depict mourning and sentimental…

Brooches 20.04.2012

Pilgrimage in a Shell: a mourning brooch

This mourning brooch struck me immediately as curious. Most Art of Mourning readers will be very familiar with the general In Memory Of black…

Rings 09.04.2012
1786 Fleur De Lis Mourning Ring

1786 Black Enamel Fleur-De-Lis Mourning Ring

The fleur-de-lis is an interesting design for the above ring, especially for a piece of this time. The significance of…

Rings 16.03.2012
Rocoo Band, Mid 17th Century

Mourning Band From 1770 Tells of Things to Come

Over the most recent Rococo articles, much has been written about the abrupt change-over into new art styles, particularly from…

Rings 09.03.2012
Eternity Lover's Knot Ring

Eternity Knot Ring Shows Changing Styles in the 18thC

This ring perfectly illustrates the change in style between the Rococo standardisation and the new Neoclassical influence that emerged c.1765….

Rings 07.03.2012
1755 Memento Mori Ring

Stuart Crystal Ring with Memento Mori Skull, 1755

Showing the Rococo scroll-work, faceted crystal and the blossom gold work on the back, this piece is a proud example…

Rings 02.03.2012
Rococo Memento Mori Skull Ring

Elaborate Rococo Memento Mori Ring, 1740

The 1740-60 period saw the absolute peak of the Rococo style and mourning jewellery reflected the mainstream in the same…

Rings 29.02.2012
Memento Mori Rococo Stuart Crystal Skull Ring

1761 Rococo Memento Mori Skull Ring

When people ask what the Rococo influence on jewellery was during the mid 18th century, this is the ring that…

Rings 24.02.2012
memento mori coffin ring

Memento Mori Coffin Ring, c.1715

In the first quarter of the century, crystals could take the form of coffins on top of rings, aptly referred…

Rings 22.02.2012
1699 Mourning Ring

J Scotts, 1699 Mourning Ring

By the end of the 18th century, there began a standardisation of styles in memorial jewellery that drew itself from…

Rings 15.02.2012
1911 Mourning Ring, Australian

20th Century Mourning Rings

This is one of the last pieces in the traditional mourning style for its time. The bold ‘in memory of’…