Brooches 26.01.2015
Goldfields brooch with foliate design, 1855 - 1865

Colonial Australian Sentimental Jewels

Opportunity is a natural aspect to human advancement. Circumstances that are created by governments and politics may be harmful to…

Collecting 11.03.2011

Ballarat Antique Fair, 2011

Here comes the big one! I’ve been saving money for this little adventure, so I hope to be Tweeting from…

Collecting 09.07.2010

Ballarat Collectables Fair Tomorrow

Saturday July 10th is the Ballarat Collectables Fair (not that it’s not the Antique fair, if it was, I would…

Other 13.03.2010

Ballarat Antique Fair: The Spoils of War

Finding decent mourning jewellery in Australia is becoming quite difficult and when one does find a nice piece, it’s usually…

Collecting 12.03.2010
Ballarat Antique Fair

Ballarat Antique Fair: Push Comes to Shove

The Ballarat Antique fair is now over and those lucky enough to attend were presented with some wonderful wares of…

Other 06.03.2010
Ballarat Antique Fair

Ballarat Antique Fair

Are you at the Ballarat Antique Fair yet? I am and you’re missing out on a marvellous lecture by yours…

Collecting 03.03.2010

Melbourne Antiques, What Happened?

On the 6th, 7th and 8th of March of 2010 is the last big antique fair in Ballarat, Australia. No, it’s not the last one that will occur, but it is the largest one left.