Brooches 26.01.2015
Goldfields brooch with foliate design, 1855 - 1865

Colonial Australian Sentimental Jewels

Opportunity is a natural aspect to human advancement. Circumstances that are created by governments and politics may be harmful to…

Memories 30.08.2014
Michelle Watson FAÇADE

Michelle Watson’s FAÇADE Art Exhibit

When the chance to see artistic talent adapt classical styles with a direct influence on mourning and treat it with…

Rings 20.01.2012
Forget me not Victorian ring australia melbourne

Australian Sentimental Forget-Me-Not 19th Century Ring

From Melbourne Australia and dating to around 1880, this ring benefited from the booming gold rush, as can be felt…

Collecting 08.04.2010

Collecting in Melbourne; The Future

Changes in the collecting landscape of Melbourne, Australia owe a lot to the new generation of collectors and the shifting focus from Antique Centres as museums, to multi-faceted warehouses containing junk/vintage/retro objects (who would have known that He-Man figure or M&M dispenser would be worth money?) to the antique.