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Brooches 07.04.2014
REGARD pin with turquoise

The Georgian “REGARD” Brooch

Jewellers and goldsmiths who had a close proximity to the crown benefitted from the attention and fame that their patronage…

Lockets 01.05.2013
Georgian Heart REGARD Pendant 18th Century

Georgian Heart REGARD Locket

Every jewel is a remarkable monument to its time, its fashion, its very personality. Sentimental jewels are the embodiment of…

Rings 13.04.2012
Amethyst  Ring

A Very Simple Amethyst Ring, c.1780

This ring is an interesting study on the re-appropriation of jewellery and its sentiments. Originally, this ring was found without…

Rings 21.03.2012
Moss agate ring, 1774

Moss Agate Locket Ring, 1774

This extraordinary moss agate ring from 1774 shows the use of materials above the popular neoclassical symbolism of the time….

Rings 19.03.2012
White Enamel and Amethyst Ring, 1770

White Enamel and Amethyst Ring, 1770

The curved inner shank of this piece reflects earlier construction from the first half of the 18th Century, but the…

Rings 19.12.2011

Third Stage Mourning Ring with Amythests, Mid-19thC

Worn in the third stage of mourning due to its colour and construction, this piece shows the use of a…

Lockets 02.11.2011

Recovery and Regard in an Opulent Pendant

You’ll have to forgive this Jewellery Historian and Halloween fun. You know, when you deal with such a morbid subject…

Rings 03.06.2011
Amethyst Ring Mary Wooley OB: 8 April 1765 AE: 64

The Diamonds, Amythest and Colours of Mary Wooley OB: 8 April 1765 AE: 64 in a Ring

My dear jewellery historians, what is it that strikes you about this ring on first appearance? Look at it carefully…