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Lockets 04.02.2013
Maltese Cross / Cross Formée Pendant Agate 1830

Maltese Cross / Cross Formée Agate Pendant, 1830

During the 1830s and 40s, styles were defined by their large, gold floral elaborations, which were heralded in by the…

Lockets 01.02.2013
Late Georgian Heart Crystal

Georgian Heart with Hairwork Twist in Crystal, 1824

As we’ve seen from the following articles, the heart is an important symbol in jewellery and social history: > An Eternity…

Lockets 28.01.2013
Souvenir Pendant Watercolour

Souvenir Ribbon and Miniature Pendant

Souvenir jewellery are one of the more interesting peripheral styles of jewels made for sentimental and memorial purposes. Notice the…

Lockets 25.01.2013
Georgian Urn Pendant

Three-Dimensional Urn Locket, Garnets, Pearls and Ribbon!

The intricacy of design that led to unique and unusual jewellery designs is often at the inception of a new…

Lockets 23.01.2013
Georgian Eye Miniature Pendant

Georgian Eye Miniature Inside a Pendant, c.1820

For those who haven’t discovered the unique movement of eye portraits, the following tale is essential: Eye portraits are considered…

Lockets 21.01.2013
Navette Neoclassical Bow Pendant

Hairwork Bow Inside a Neoclassical Pendant

This beautiful sentimental pendant houses the initials and hair of both lovers, tied in a bow with pearls. The concept…

Lockets 18.01.2013
Belle d'Armour Pendant French Hairwork 19th Century

Belle D’Amour Hairwork Pendant

The remarkable quality of French jewels is their ability to reflect a great variety of cultural influence and present an…

Lockets 16.01.2013
Neoclassical Sepia Hairwork Pendant Urn

In Memory of My Dear and Amiable Friend Urn/Hairwork Pendant

From the 1790s, the sharp north-south navette shape had reached its height. Those pieces which accommodated this shape (such as…

Lockets 04.01.2013
Child Miniature Locket

A Child Miniature Portrait Locket Raises Questions…

Miniature portraits and those that are installed in jewels have different meanings in their construction. On one, the miniature needs…

Lockets 02.01.2013
Late Georgian Heart

Late Georgian Heart Pendant With Hairwork

The heart, as a motif in jewellery symbolism, is one of the most potent symbols of love represented as a…

Lockets 31.12.2012
Nelson Miniature Memorial

Nelson Memorial Miniature

Horatio Nelson’s death in 1805 during the Battle of Trafalgar was a landmark in the Napoleonic Wars and also for…

Miniatures 14.11.2012
Photograph and Miniature Compact

Photograph and Hairwork Compact

Compacts in velvet or leather cases took the place for a transportable memento, which has its roots based in the…

Miniatures 12.11.2012
Sentimental Romantic Miniature

Romantic Sentimental Miniature

At the height of the neoclassical movement, symbolism became the most popular form of sentimental communication, making the true definition…

Accessories 02.11.2012
Memento Mori Skull Walking Stick

Skull Walking Stick

The skull was (and still is) used as a symbol for Fraternal Orders, as discussed quite extensively in this revealing…

Accessories 29.10.2012
Mourning Stickpin

Memorial Stickpin With Gothic Revival Flair

Stick pins can be dated to the latter half of the 17th Century and were a common accessory, but are…

Accessories 22.10.2012
Onyx Earrings

Progressive Style Onyx Earrings

Very Edwardian in style, these earrings show delicate forget-me-nots with pearls, resting on onyx. Onyx became a popular feature, taking…

Accessories 19.10.2012
Jet Earrings

Late 19th Century Jet Earrings

Catalogues of the 19th century are one of the most invaluable ways of finding out about the date of a…

Accessories 17.10.2012
Thomas White, London Skull Clock

Mourning, Memorial and Sentimental Accessories

Memorial jewellery accessories are quite numerous, due to the popular and personal nature of the style and also because of…

Bracelets 15.10.2012
Pressed Horn Bracelet

Pressed Horn Forget-Me-Not Bracelet

This pressed horn example is surrounded by the forget-me-not pattern, and is showing signs of discolouration and chipping. The forget-me-nots…

Accessories 12.10.2012
Bracelet Mourning Set

Bracelets and Mourning Sets

Bracelets complete an appropriate set of jewellery. The demi-parure to the left is an excellent example of its time. Circa…

Bracelets 10.10.2012
Turquoise Hairwork Bracelet

Turquoise Hairwork Bracelet

Depending on the weave, hairwork can stretch to the size of the wearer. Turquoise beads and late 19th Century etching…

Bracelets 08.10.2012
Hairwork Bracelet

A Simple Hairwork Bracelet

A very humble piece, this bracelet is of a tough weave and has kept in magnificent condition. The hair is…

Bracelets 05.10.2012
Bracelet, Hairwork, Table Worked, Victorian, 19th Century,

Looking at Victorian Bracelet Clasps

Clasps can define the age of a piece or make it more desirable than another. Many hairwork bracelets have been…

Bracelets 03.10.2012
Hairwork Bracelet

Large Weave Hairwork Bracelet

Elasticity is one of the most important factors in hairwork bracelets; their expansion was necessary to accommodate being worn over…

Bracelets 01.10.2012
Civil War Bracelet

Baltimore 19th Century Bracelet

Bracelets, like any other form of jewellery, can be highly personalised, be it with hairwork or gold. This piece comes…

Bracelets 28.09.2012
Hairwork Bracelet

Victorian Enamel and Hairwork Bracelet

There is an unusual amount of fine construction in this bracelet that sets it apart from more common pieces in…

Bracelets 26.09.2012
1855 Family Hairwork Bracelet

1855 Hairwork Bracelet

Hairwork bracelets are more common in sentimental and mourning jewellery. As much as the clasp or gold work in a…

Bracelets 24.09.2012
Hairwork Miniature Bracelet

Possible John Wood Dodge Miniature

18K solid case and clasp fittings elaborately engraved and enamelled, housing portrait of (yet) unknown sitter of watercolor on ivory…

Bracelets 21.09.2012
Seed Pearl Hairwork Bracelet and Necklace

Delicate Seed Pearl Bracelet and Necklace

If ever there was a set dedicated to the glorification of pearls, these would be it. The seed pearls combined…

Accessories 05.09.2012
Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Enamel

Art of Hairwork 5: Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Black Enamel Fittings

Symbolism in watch chains and their fittings are primarily the key identifier when it comes to many of the surviving…


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