Accessories 26.05.2014
Mourning Stickpin With Coffin and Male, c.1780

A Coffin & A Male In A Stickpin. 18th Century

Creating the connection between mortality and fashion in historical jewels often leads to the literal interpretation. While many historical jewels…

Miniatures 19.05.2014
rest in peace 18th century urn mourning pendant

“Rest In Peace” – An 18th Century Mourning Pendant

If ever a jewel was a contradiction in its title, it’s this mourning pendant. “Rest In Peace” is written modestly…

Brooches 08.05.2014
Silesian iron wire-work brooch, c.1825

Berlin Ironwork Jewellery

Giving something precious for an important cause is considered one of the most respectful ways to show honour and fidelity…

Brooches 14.04.2014
Rosamund Chapman Classical Mourning Ring 1768 / Age 59

Castles, Rivers, Boats and Classical Discovery in Jewellery

Identity is connected to history. Through the values, art and concepts of previous cultures, our identity is legitimised when we…

Rings 27.03.2014
Green Enamel Mourning Ring 1803

1803 Green Enamel Mourning Ring: Part 2

In the first part of this article, the elements that created a green enamel mourning ring have been discovered. The…

Hairwork 30.07.2013

The Meaning of Hair in Jewellery

Hairwork is a strange material to the modern viewer. Clouded with mystique and modern interpretations of what hair means, this…

Brooches 22.07.2013
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Sentimental Elephant Pelican

An Elephant in a Sentimental Neoclassical Sepia Brooch

The most interesting sentimental jewels are the ones that represent their time. They lead us into a narrative that represents…

Rings 10.06.2013
French heart and hand ring

French Heart and Crown Ring, 18th Century

Tokens of love and sentimentality, given for betrothal or for the intention of affection are designed to be opulent through…

Lockets 01.05.2013
Georgian Heart REGARD Pendant 18th Century

Georgian Heart REGARD Locket

Every jewel is a remarkable monument to its time, its fashion, its very personality. Sentimental jewels are the embodiment of…

Rings 12.04.2013
18th Century French Ring

French Sentimentality Captured in an 18th Century Ring

“For You All Alone” (“Pour Vous Tout Seule”) is a sentiment that equates not only to the message of love…

Rings 10.04.2013
18th Century Fede Ring

Hold Hands With This Beautiful Fede Ring

The unified hands of this fede ring tell a tale which is intrinsically beautiful to its existence. The passage of…

Rings 05.04.2013
18th Century Posy Ring

“In Christ and Thee My Comfort Be” Posie/Poesy Ring

Rings that define a relationship are often linked to the sanctity of religious piety, as that is the covenant that…

Rings 03.04.2013
18th Century Posy Ring

“Be true in hart” and Honour a Posie/Poesy Ring

‘Be true in hart’ is a sentiment that is important for its message towards a loved one for many reasons….

Rings 01.04.2013
18th Century Posy Ring White Enamel

“God forever bless us together” A White Enamel Posy Ring

White enamel is the symbol for virginity and purity, its context is predominantly used for the death of a child…

Rings 29.03.2013
18th Century Posy Ring

A Good Life and a Happy Death in a Posie/Poesy Ring

The Athenian Solon (638 BCE – 558 BCE) wrote that “True blessedness consisteth in a good life and a happy…

Lockets 14.01.2013

Neoclassical Shepherdess Sepia Pendant

In my last post of 13 July 2012, I examined two neoclassical watercolor miniatures which, though they appeared to be…

Lockets 09.01.2013
Neoclassical Sepia 18th Century Pendant

To bliss / There’s rest in Heaven Sepia Neoclassical Pendant

‘To Bliss’ is one of the more commonly seen statements in Neoclassical jewels, be they sepia or colour. It is…

Lockets 07.01.2013
Neoclassical Sepia 18th Century Pendant

Virtue Lives Beyond The Grave Sepia Pendant, 1776

The 1770s was a reaction to the Neoclassical movement post-1765. This was a time when the depiction and the allegories…

Lockets 28.12.2012
Watercolour Sentimental Miniature 18th Century

Ideal Neoclassical Miniature

Allegorical Neoclassical depictions became the new representation of the self in the Romantic movement, to offer one’s love to another….

Lockets 26.12.2012
Black Enamel Mourning Pendant Hairwork Neoclassical

Pouncy Mourning Pendant, 1793

 For historical research on this piece, please read this article by Sarah Nehama The period of 1790-1800 was one of…

Lockets 24.12.2012
Georgian Heart Emerald Flower Pendant 18th Century

Embellished Georgian Heart Love Pendant

Over the course of the following articles: > An Eternity Knot in a Crystal Heart Pendant > Mourning Crystal “Georgian” Heart > 18th…

Lockets 21.12.2012
Black Enamel French Mourning Locket

Rien Sans Amitie, Cabochon Garnet French Mourning Locket

By the time this piece became popular in fashionable styles, the ‘magical’ property of gems had started to permeate through…

Lockets 19.12.2012
Le Plus Loin Le Plus Serre Mourning Pendant

“Le Plus Loin Le Plus Serre” – “The further the distance the tighter the knot” Sepia Miniature

Upon the advent of the Neoclassical influence upon art, culture and jewellery post-1765, the presentation of love and grief within…

Lockets 17.12.2012
Georgian Heart Crystal Pendant 18th Century Ribbon Bow White Enamel

Merit Claims Esteem/Bow Heart Locket, 18th Century

Before we take a look at this wonderful ‘Georgian Heart’ pendant, it’s valuable to read through the following articles: > An…

Lockets 14.12.2012
Georgian Heart Crystal Pendant 18th Century Ribbon Bow

Hairwork Bow/Ribbon Pendant

By the 1780s, many of the shapes in memorial and sentimental jewels that were common remained the popular standard. From…

Lockets 12.12.2012
Georgian Heart Crystal Pendant 18th Century Ribbon French

French Ribbon Pendant, 18th Century

Here, the ribbon motif is used in grand style to accommodate the heart shape within, however, the heart is missing…

Lockets 10.12.2012
white enamel ribon heart pendant

18th Century Ribbon Motif Pendant

The DNA of this wonderful “Georgian Heart” pendant shares many characteristics with this particular ‘REGARD’ necklace, however, it is quite…

Lockets 07.12.2012
Georgian Heart Crystal Pendant 18th Century

An Eternity Knot in a Crystal Heart Pendant

Romantic love from the 15th century depicted the heart motif, in terms of ‘love’ being a symbol of personal affection,…

Lockets 05.12.2012
Georgian Heart Crystal Rectangular Pendant 18th Century

Mourning Crystal “Georgian” Heart

This crystal heart, measuring 1 and 1/8 inches North to South, and 7/8 of an inch East to West. It…

Lockets 03.12.2012
Stuart Crystal Rectangular Pendant Early 18th Century

Early 18th Century Rectangular Pendant

Early 18th century jewels are easy to define due to the rosette shape of the bezel. This is not something…