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 These are a series where I weave together a history of mourning and social identity through the British monarchy:
Culture, Conflict & Mourning in the 17th & 18th Centuries

Mourning Fashion & Jewels During George I & II
Mourning Fashion & Jewels During George III
Mourning Fashion & Jewels During George IV
Mourning Fashion & Jewels During William IV
Mourning Fashion & Jewels During Victoria

In these, I discuss the history and method of creating jewels from human hair.
Art of Hairwork 1: Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain w/ Serpent
Art of Hairwork 2: Directions for New Beginners
Art of Hairwork 3: Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Locket
Art of Hairwork 4: Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Acorn Charms
Art of Hairwork 5: Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Black Enamel Fittings

For a series of Sunday mornings, I wrote about different mourning symbols in jewels. Here is the full collection.
> Symbolism in Jewellery History

The Gothic Revival and its impact on 19th century jewels and culture.
> Gothic Revival in Culture and Jewellery: Part 1, c.1740-c.1850
Gothic Revival in Culture and Jewellery: Part 2, c.1850-c.1900
Gothic Revival in Culture and Jewellery: Part 3, Breaking Perceptions 

In this series on a history of Jet and its imitations, I explore the industry surrounding Jet and why it became so popular in Victorian fashion.
> A History of Jet
> Bakelite
> Vulcanite
> Bog Oak
> French Jet and Vauxhall Glass
> Pressed Horn 

Investigating many of the techniques in repairing/selling antique jewellery, as well as pointing out what to look for in gold content, this article is perfect for the new collector.
> Mourning and Sentimental Jewellery: Real, Fake or Somewhere In-between?

A high-level overview of mourning fashion and why the visibility of mourning in costume was so important for the household and the society.
> Knowing Your Fashion, Mourning Fashion in the 17th-19th Centuries

Symbolism List and Meanings
> Animals
> Objects
> Plants
> Inscriptions
> Gemstones

Memento mori are the symbols of death that make us identify our mortality. In these articles, you can see how they were represented in the earliest mourning jewels.
>  How Society Entered Mourning: c.1680-1700 Memento Mori Mourning Ring
>  Memento Mori In Presentation: 18th Century Skull on Pendant
>  Skeletal Rings, Memento Mori and the Evolution of the Symbol
>  Skulls, Rings, the 19th Century… What We Must Ask

Jewellers of Distinction

Will Francis
PO.Box Werribee. 3030
Victoria, Australia.
> Website

Atelier D’or
(jewellery repairs and design – excellent for mourning items)
Phone: (03) 95963000

Where to Buy

Charlotte Sayers F.G.A
513 Grays Antique Market
58 Davies St., London, W1K 5LP
Phone: 020 7499 5478

Rowan and Rowan
Shop 315, Grays Antique Centre
58 Davies St., London, W1K 5LP
Phone: +44 207 629 7234

Things Gone By
P O Box 325
Reedsville, WV 26547 USA
Fax: 412 291 1020
Phone: 304 864 5921

Robbins’ Roost Antiques
Barbara Robbins
PO Box 17036,
Nashville, TN 37217

Simon Millard
Bartlett Street Antique Centre,
No 8 Bartlett Street, Bath, BA1 2QZ, GB

Time Dances By
Judy Jay
3702 Big Meadows Street
San Antonio, TX 78230 U.S.A.
Phone: 210-690-8454

CJ Antiques
> Website
eBay Store

Mike Bishop

Blackheath Jewellery
17-19 Govetts Leap Road,
Blackheath, NSW 2785

Heart Smith: Lockets & Family Jewellery

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