Memories 30.08.2014
Michelle Watson FAÇADE

Michelle Watson’s FAÇADE Art Exhibit

When the chance to see artistic talent adapt classical styles with a direct influence on mourning and treat it with…

Miniatures 18.08.2014
French Mourning Miniature and mother on February 22nd, 1787, age 11 years, 4 months and 22 days.”

A French Mourning Pendant in 1787 For A Child

One of the most difficult concepts to gasp when identifying and appreciating mourning jewels is trying to separate the emotional…

Lockets 11.08.2014
French St Esprit Necklace

French Saint Esprit Dove Necklace

During the Rococo period of the 18th century, much of the most ornate and elaborate jewellery was created. Rococo as a…

Brooches 04.08.2014
"Recuerd" Brooch with Turquoise, Doves and Forget-Me-Nots

A ‘Recuerdo’ Brooch and Mourning/Sentimental Value

‘REGARD’ is a term used for both mourning and sentimental jewels; a term which crossed cultures and was embraced for…

Lockets 28.07.2014
Silver Georgian Heart 18th Century Mourning Sentimental Jewel

A Silver Georgian Heart Pendant

Silver is a metal which has seen its appreciation rise and fall through the early modern era, but it is…

Brooches 21.07.2014
Come Ye Blessed Mourning Ribbon Slide Stuart Crystal Skeleton Cherub

‘Come Ye Blessed’ – A Memento Mori Ribbon Slide and Memento Mori Evolution

Memento mori and its adaptation into jewellery and accessories is a unique look into how human behaviour and identity. Throughout…

Rings 14.07.2014
Mourning Ring for "Lois Boyes 24 July 1820, age 47"

Connecting And Collecting In An 1820 Ring

Collecting is an art in itself. Discovering facts about a jewel helps one find out more about the life of…

Lockets 30.06.2014
Bereft of All, 1798 Mourning Pendant

“Bereft Of All” – The Love of Three in One Pendant, c.1798

Genealogy is part of the rich history of mourning jewels, with the more we know about them bringing us closer…

Lockets 23.06.2014
Victorian Locket Pendant Silver Enamel Monogram

Onyx and Silver ‘IMO’ Victorian Hairwork Pendant

The second half of the 19th century saw the combination of mainstream fashion and mourning fashion. High mortality rates and…

Art 16.06.2014
French Hair Mourning Art from the 19th Century

French Hair Art & The Industry of Mourning

“Hair is at once the most delicate and lasting of our materials and survives us like love. It is so…

Lockets 09.06.2014
American Daguerreotype Locket Jewel

American Mourning & Sentimental Jewelry From the 19th Century

Perspectives and perceptions of sentimentality and mourning in popular thought and culture are cemented within the second half of the…

Brooches 02.06.2014
Miers Sentimental Shade Profile Silhouette Brooch

Silhouettes & Shades From Miers & Field

Capturing the image of a loved one affordably and quickly is a relatively modern invention. Having the technology to produce…

Accessories 26.05.2014
Mourning Stickpin With Coffin and Male, c.1780

A Coffin & A Male In A Stickpin. 18th Century

Creating the connection between mortality and fashion in historical jewels often leads to the literal interpretation. While many historical jewels…

Miniatures 19.05.2014
rest in peace 18th century urn mourning pendant

“Rest In Peace” – An 18th Century Mourning Pendant

If ever a jewel was a contradiction in its title, it’s this mourning pendant. “Rest In Peace” is written modestly…

Brooches 08.05.2014
Silesian iron wire-work brooch, c.1825

Berlin Ironwork Jewellery

Giving something precious for an important cause is considered one of the most respectful ways to show honour and fidelity…

Rings 28.04.2014
Onyx ring with willow and urn

The Urn, Willow and Onyx in the 18th Century

The urn and willow captured the imagination of the 18th century like no other mourning symbols. Their prominence of design…

Lockets 21.04.2014
Harriet Whitbread Pendant

Harriot Whitbread Witch’s Heart Pendant, Easter 1764

Harriot Whitbread, née Hayton, was the wife of English brewer and Member of Parliament Samuel Whitbread (1720-1796). She was born…

Brooches 14.04.2014
Rosamund Chapman Classical Mourning Ring 1768 / Age 59

Castles, Rivers, Boats and Classical Discovery in Jewellery

Identity is connected to history. Through the values, art and concepts of previous cultures, our identity is legitimised when we…

Brooches 07.04.2014
REGARD pin with turquoise

The Georgian “REGARD” Brooch

Jewellers and goldsmiths who had a close proximity to the crown benefitted from the attention and fame that their patronage…

Lockets 31.03.2014
Skeleton Charles I ring

Charles I in Mourning Jewellery History

Death is about identity. Having a memory of someone is the crucial element of their continuing existence through a network…

Rings 27.03.2014
Green Enamel Mourning Ring 1803

1803 Green Enamel Mourning Ring: Part 2

In the first part of this article, the elements that created a green enamel mourning ring have been discovered. The…

Rings 24.03.2014
Green Enamel Mourning Ring 1803

1803 Green Enamel Mourning Ring: Part 1

Enamel is the primary identifier for mourning and sentimental jewels, with colour being the most iconic and simplistic way to…

Collecting 17.03.2014

Mourning Jewels at Fellows Auctions

Art of Mourning is a celebration of mourning and sentimental jewellery. A resource created to dispel much of the mystique…

Rings 10.03.2014
French Neoclasscal Sepia Mourning Ring

French Neoclassical Sepia/Hair Mourning Ring

1788; the colonisation of Australia, South Carolina ratifies the United States constitution to become the seventh state, the first edition…

Is It, Or Isn't It? 03.03.2014
Skull Hairwork Ring Early 19th Century

Anachronisms and a Mourning Ring

Anachronisms, or pieces from the times that don’t correlate to when they are meant to exist, are quite typical of…

Hairwork 24.02.2014
Victorian Hairwork Fob Chain With Serpent Clasp Heart

The Art of Hairwork Collection

The Art of Hairwork was originally a series of articles written in 2012 as the format of Art of Mourning…

Rings 17.02.2014

1728 Skeletal Coffin Ring

Memento mori is the depiction of death in its most literal for. Showing the desecration of the body and the…

Rings 10.02.2014
Mother of pearl, urn, three dimensional hair mourning ring 1779

1779 Pearlescent Urn Mourning Ring for Sarah

 An urn is a vessel that holds the remains of a loved one and this ring for Sarah Pettie encapsulates…

Accessories 03.02.2014
Agate Hair Watch Key 19th Century Victorian

Pocket Watch Key With A Hair Memento

Sentimental accessories show just how important the Romantic movement was within the fashion of 19th century society. Many peripheral accessories…

Rings 27.01.2014
Coronet "A souvenir (memory) of a daughter like no other" Crystal Ring

“A souvenir (memory) of a daughter like no other” Coronet Crystal Ring

There is a delicate sentimentality in Stuart period jewels which reflect a burgeoning sense of love between two people. Attainable…