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Lockets 09.09.2013
Turquoise brooch hair buckle

Turquoise, Belt, Buckles and Garters

Love is a circle. A constantly repeating message of devotion, one that repeats often in jewellery symbolism; a continuity of…


Rings 02.09.2013
Edgar Mourning Ring, 1899

A Mourning Ring for Edgar, April 12th 1901

The late Victorian period was one of standardisation in social formality. In many ways, having standardisation or a static culture…

Brooches 26.08.2013
Black Enamel Mourning Brooch Gothic Revival In Memory Of

The Mourning Brooch Standard, Early-Mid 19th Century

Mourning jewels are easy to identify for their purpose. It is within the sentiment of a jewel that one can…

Brooches 22.08.2013

Chalcedony and Sentimental Brooches in the 19th Century

The 19th century saw a massive swing towards sentimental jewellery, with an industry that could sustain itself through being popular…


Rings 19.08.2013
Queen Caroline Of Ansbach Ring

Queen Caroline Of Ansbach Mourning Ring

It’s often the mourning jewels for the monarchy which set the standard for style of their times. These jewels are…


Accessories 12.08.2013
Silver Hairwork Cufflinks

Initial Hairwork Cufflinks in Silver

As a piece of fashion, jewellery is the one element that creates true identity. For the male or female, a…

Lockets 05.08.2013
Ampersand Locket

Ampersand Locket

Love is the intrinsic connection between two people and it is the purpose of a jewel to show this connection…

Hairwork 30.07.2013

The Meaning of Hair in Jewellery

Hairwork is a strange material to the modern viewer. Clouded with mystique and modern interpretations of what hair means, this…

Brooches 22.07.2013
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Sentimental Elephant Pelican

An Elephant in a Sentimental Neoclassical Sepia Brooch

The most interesting sentimental jewels are the ones that represent their time. They lead us into a narrative that represents…

Bracelets 15.07.2013
Agadez Memorial Bracelet

Agadez: The Tuareg and Memorial Jewellery

These bracelets, replicated by Will Francis, open up a different element to memorial jewellery, one that developed in a different…

Rings 08.07.2013
William Harry Vane, 1st Duke of Cleveland 1842 Serpent Ring

William Harry Vane Serpent Mourning Ring

Sometimes a jewel can be the very definition of its time. A ring, worn to be seen and never hidden,…

Lockets 01.07.2013
Charles I Royalist Pendant, Jan 30, 1648

Charles I Royalist Pendant, Jan 30, 1648

Charles I was born on the 19th of November, 1600 and executed on the 30th of January 1649, facing a…

Miniatures 24.06.2013
A Parent's Loss Miniature

‘A Parents Loss’ Mourning Miniature

It is often when appreciating a mourning jewel that the nature of the subject gets lost. The beauty of a…

Rings 17.06.2013
main garnet hair ring

English/Hebrew Dedicated Mourning Ring, 1780

The fundamental principal of a mourning jewel is to secure the memory of a person and ensure that this memory…

Rings 10.06.2013
French heart and hand ring

French Heart and Crown Ring, 18th Century

Tokens of love and sentimentality, given for betrothal or for the intention of affection are designed to be opulent through…

Rings 03.06.2013
Triple Mourning Ring, White Enamel

Triple Mourning Ring, White Enamel, 1791

The profound statement of a mourning jewel brings a tremendous amount of gravity to its existence. The dedication in a…

Rings 27.05.2013
In Memory of a Beloved Child Gothic Revival Ring

In Memory of a Beloved Child Gothic Revival Ring

Thomas Cooper Hawkins was born in 1822 and died on the third of January, 1825. This ring is a memorial…

Accessories 20.05.2013
Princess Charlotte candlestick

Memorial Princess Charlotte Candlestick

The cultural impact of Princess Charlotte of Wales’ death is one of the most significant events in Western cultural mourning…

Lockets 13.05.2013
Charles II locket

Charles II Locket

Memorial jewels that commemorate an event or a specific cultural moment in time have existed since antiquity and continue to…

Brooches 06.05.2013
foiled amethysts/paste 19th Century Brooch

Foiled by Amethysts/Pastes in a 19th Century Brooch

This wonderful brooch consists of yellow gold with foiled amethysts/pastes. There are elements to the brooch which show many influences…

Lockets 01.05.2013
Georgian Heart REGARD Pendant 18th Century

Georgian Heart REGARD Locket

Every jewel is a remarkable monument to its time, its fashion, its very personality. Sentimental jewels are the embodiment of…

Brooches 24.04.2013
Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Hairwork

Keep This As A Small Token of Love Brooch

The combination of palette-worked hair and sentimental symbolism is one that owes itself to the 18th century. While the use…

Brooches 22.04.2013
Sarah 19th Century Brooch

Early 19th Century ‘Sarah’ Brooch

Hosting a name within a jewel was not an uncommon occurrence, as seen in the mourning jewels dating back to…

Brooches 19.04.2013
Paste, Pearl Brooch

Paste, Pearls and Change in a Brooch

A marriage between two jewels can be just as sentimental as a marriage within a relationship. Additions to jewels show…

Rings 17.04.2013
17th Century Memento Mori Posy Ring

“Let virtue Rule Affection” Posie/Poesy Ring

Here, we see popular art and design have its influence on a posie ring and announce a change in sentimental…

Rings 15.04.2013
17th Century Posy Ring

“Let’s Live and Die In Unity” – A Perfect Sentiment in a Ring

Posie/poesy rings are the mostly insightful pieces of jeweller for interpersonal relationships of the 16th and 17th centuries. In a…

Rings 12.04.2013
18th Century French Ring

French Sentimentality Captured in an 18th Century Ring

“For You All Alone” (“Pour Vous Tout Seule”) is a sentiment that equates not only to the message of love…

Rings 10.04.2013
18th Century Fede Ring

Hold Hands With This Beautiful Fede Ring

The unified hands of this fede ring tell a tale which is intrinsically beautiful to its existence. The passage of…

Collecting 08.04.2013

An Identification Guide to Mourning and Sentimental Jewels

There’s been a lot of discussion about the limits of what a fake or a forgery is over at the Art…

Rings 05.04.2013
18th Century Posy Ring

“In Christ and Thee My Comfort Be” Posie/Poesy Ring

Rings that define a relationship are often linked to the sanctity of religious piety, as that is the covenant that…


  • User AvatarArt of Mourning
    Thank you, Leah! White enamel with an older gentleman; it...
  • User AvatarLeah
    It's amazing how timeless some of these pieces are! While...
  • User AvatarLeah
    It's amazing how timeless some of these pieces are! While...
  • User AvatarLeah
    Great article as usual! What is the meaning of a...