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Rings 05.04.2013
18th Century Posy Ring

“In Christ and Thee My Comfort Be” Posie/Poesy Ring

Rings that define a relationship are often linked to the sanctity of religious piety, as that is the covenant that…

Rings 03.04.2013
18th Century Posy Ring

“Be true in hart” and Honour a Posie/Poesy Ring

‘Be true in hart’ is a sentiment that is important for its message towards a loved one for many reasons….

Rings 01.04.2013
18th Century Posy Ring White Enamel

“God forever bless us together” A White Enamel Posy Ring

White enamel is the symbol for virginity and purity, its context is predominantly used for the death of a child…

Rings 29.03.2013
18th Century Posy Ring

A Good Life and a Happy Death in a Posie/Poesy Ring

The Athenian Solon (638 BCE – 558 BCE) wrote that “True blessedness consisteth in a good life and a happy…

Rings 27.03.2013
17th Century Posy Ring Silver

“All I refuse & thee I chuse” Silver Posie/Posey Ring

With the sentiment of posie rings being popular today for their loving sentiment, it’s no surprise that their use as…

Memories 25.03.2013

“Anatomy: Soul” – Modern Mourning and Burial Garb

For all of the Mourners living in Australia, tomorrow is your chance to see a wonderful program entitled Anatomy: Soul…

17th Century Posy Ring

“Hearts United Live Contented” 17th Century Posie Ring

‘Hearts United Live Contented’ is a sentiment that resonates through posie rings and sentimental jewels from the early modern period…

Rings 22.03.2013
17th Century Posy Ring

‘Let vertue bee a guide’ 17th Century Posie Ring

As seen in this previous article ‘Posie Rings From the 17th Century‘, posie rings are identified predominantly by their inscriptions….

Rings 20.03.2013

Posie Rings From the 17th Century

Posie rings, otherwise known as ‘poesy’, ‘posy’ or ‘posey’, are one of the primary catalysts for the mourning and sentimental…

Rings 15.03.2013
Pietas Swivel Ring

Presenting a Gold Agate ‘Pietas’ Intalglio Swivel Seal Ring

As seen in this closely related ring: The early 19th century had a new definition of loving sentimentality, with a…

Rings 13.03.2013
Agate Swivel Ring

A Very Sentimental Locket Swivel Ring, 19th Century

Even the simplest of designs from the early 19th century show a multitude of burgeoning ideas and new perceptions about…

Rings 11.03.2013
Neoclassical Hair Urn Ring

A Pearl and Hairwork Neoclassical Ring

The early 19th century was greatly influenced by George IV, from his excess to his investment in the arts. This…

Lockets 08.03.2013
Neoclassical Revival Pendant, 1920

Neoclassical Influences on Later Jewellery

With the high level of accessible and affordable travel in the early 20th century, there was a rise in sentimental…

Lockets 06.03.2013
Edwardian Child Miniature with Blue Enamel Case

An Edwardian Miniature c.1910

The Edwardian Era, 1901 to 1910, was one of the primary catalysts to end the mourning industry. When I reference…


Lockets 04.03.2013
Edwardian Heart-Shaped Locket

Post-Victorian Lockets and Pendants

The decline of the mourning industry was not exclusively ‘mourning’ related, but an actual change in fashion and social taste….

Lockets 01.03.2013
In Memory Of Locket Victorian

‘In Memory Of’ – A Timeless Dedication For A Memorial Locket

‘In Memory Of’. Very few sentiments in mourning jewellery resonate so strongly over such a long period of time and…

Lockets 27.02.2013
1870 Jet Mourning Pendant

Jet and Hairwork Mourning Pendant, 1870

As a popular material for the purposes of fashion, jet was held in high regard during the 1860s-1890s. Why this…

Lockets 25.02.2013
Jet Pearl Locket

Late Victorian Pearl Cross/Sheaf Locket

Vulcanite, Jet and the materials to represent the same styles are many of the most misinterpreted in mourning and sentimental…

Lockets 22.02.2013
Swiss Hairwork Locket

Swiss Hairwork Locket, Mid 19th Century

The Swiss and German hairworking industries produced remarkable three dimensional hairwork and memorial art, as the above example shows. From…

Lockets 20.02.2013
Locket Miniature Black Enamel

Miniatures, Lockets and The Rise of Photography

Since the 1840s, photography had changed the landscape of sentimental jewels. Many factors contributed to this, involving improvements in technology…

Lockets 18.02.2013
Turquoise Forget-Me-Not Locket with Hairwork

Turquoise Forget-Me-Not Locket with Hairwork

Many facets make this piece truly wonderful for its time. The mid to late 19th century had embraced the meaning…

Lockets 15.02.2013
1849 Locket

“My Olive Branches” Twisted Hairwork Locket, 1849

Post 1859, many of the jewels that are commonly found in antique stores and fairs had their origin. This is…

Lockets 13.02.2013
Family  Pendant with Drawing

Family Hairwork Locket, c.1830

Memorial and sentimental jewels were not simply an affectation, but they had their grounding in socio-political rules. Because of this,…

Lockets 11.02.2013
Remember Pendant with Pearls

Seed Pearl and Gold Filigree ‘Remember’ Pendant

Jewellery and design are both a dance in the art of subtlety. Symbolism is often the outcome of this, with…

Lockets 08.02.2013
Gothic Revival Locket Diamond Forget Me Not

Gothic Revival Meets Rococo Revival in this Stunning Locket, 1834

By 1834, all the elements of the Gothic Revival had entered mainstream fashion and was directly responsible for jewels like…

Lockets 06.02.2013
Gothic Revival Small Pendant

Small 1830s Mourning Pendant with Hairwork

Here, we see the Gothic Revival and its impact on pendants and lockets. The most important aspect of this is…

Lockets 04.02.2013
Maltese Cross / Cross Formée Pendant Agate 1830

Maltese Cross / Cross Formée Agate Pendant, 1830

During the 1830s and 40s, styles were defined by their large, gold floral elaborations, which were heralded in by the…

Lockets 01.02.2013
Late Georgian Heart Crystal

Georgian Heart with Hairwork Twist in Crystal, 1824

As we’ve seen from the following articles, the heart is an important symbol in jewellery and social history: > An Eternity…

Lockets 30.01.2013
Watercolour Pendant 19th Century Ship

Paper/Watercolour Neoclassical Miniature Pendant

Often when critiquing a Neoclassical piece with art, you’ll often find me reference the quality of the painting itself. Be…

Lockets 28.01.2013
Souvenir Pendant Watercolour

Souvenir Ribbon and Miniature Pendant

Souvenir jewellery are one of the more interesting peripheral styles of jewels made for sentimental and memorial purposes. Notice the…


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