The Art of Mourning

Lord Hayden Peters

Art of Mourning

Hayden Peters is a Jewellery Historian and Creative Director.

A long time collector of mourning and sentimental jewellery, this site is a tribute to each piece and knowledge collected over time.

This resource is a balance between accessible for all ages and skewing towards the academic when necessary so that it’s very open. Hopefully this will demystify a lot of the mystery surrounding antique collecting and mourning/sentimental jewellery, while educating and being a lot of fun. There will be stories about collecting, publicising antique/collectable events and having themed mourning/sentimental days where different items are discussed.

The Art of Mourning official site (artofmourning.com) began in 2005 as a way to unify collectors from all around the world. Its growth and use as a resource is a testament to the passion of collectors everywhere.

Download the ABC Collectors interview below:
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Link >You can read an interview with me at Collectors Weekly here.

I’ve just been given a chapter on Mourning Jewellery in ‘Alan Carter’s Book of Collections in Australia First Edition – 2013’ – You can purchase a copy here!


If you would like to contact me, I can be reached via this email or on the Art of Mourning Twitter account.

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