Lockets 24.12.2012

Embellished Georgian Heart Love Pendant

Georgian Heart Emerald Flower Pendant 18th Century

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We’ve seen the early appearances of the heart in jewellery and their popularisation throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. As a symbol, it’s been one of the few to survive concurrent changes in art, design and style.

Georgian Heart Emerald Flower Pendant 18th Century

In this pendant, we can see the use of the heart fully developed, with the sharp edges to the lines of the heart; depicting it as we would today. Even more remarkable is that this pendant was created during the height of the Neoclassical period and also during the development of gem usage overcoming the literal depiction of the symbol, yet this piece uses both in perfect harmony.

It is a multilevelled statement of love, with the forget-me-not projecting outwardly, placed upon the heart and then the hairwork reverse. Three elements that cascade downwards towards the person wearing it and outwards as a statement of their love.

Perhaps the most striking element is the filigree construction to the piece, a style that was popular in the late Georgian period. In terms of fashion and creation, this piece would take a highly skilled jeweller and be quite expensive to produce.

Still as relevant and popular as a statement today, as it was when it was constructed; this piece concludes the popular development of the heart from its earliest uses in early modern times.

Courtesy: Barbara Robbins
Year: c. 1790-1810