Miniatures 19.11.2012

Idyllic Sentimental Neoclassical Miniature

Neoclassical, Miniature, Georgian, 18th Century, Woman, Symbolism,

Here, we have a radiance of symbolism, infused into the Neoclassical miniature; a confluence of symbolism that is encapsulated within a magnificent frame.

Here, the female watches the two birds at the vessel above the plinth, with one bird bending to drink. This is a remarkable symbolic statement for its time, as this is unconventional. Certainly, the love birds are typical of love symbolism, but here, we have a challenge of symbolism in in the left bird drinking and the right bird sitting, yet there is an element of protection and unity between them.

The female in this depiction is detailed in ways that show her viewing the scene and also tethered to it. There is a consideration in the art of the female and how she’s viewing the scene, contemplating it as much as being involved in it.

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Courtesy: Don Shelton