Miniatures 07.11.2012

Willow, Woman, Plinth and Urn is Miniature Perfection

Don Shelton Mourning Miniature

Combining the elements of the willow, woman, plinth and urn are not uncommon in mourning jewellery, however, this piece also contains faith, hope and charity as well as the cypress. Notice the fine high-relief gold and enamel work of the plinth and the urn as well as the fine personalised details to the widow herself. This piece shows individuality, rather than the pure neo-classical ideal of the widow (which were produced in higher numbers from a pre-designed format) – this widow has dark, curled hair, a pulled back veil and a dark sash that covers over her left shoulder. Notice her interaction with the urn as well, she is touching it with her left hand and pointing with her right, looking upwards to the heavens. From there, this is the implication of the loved one (possibly a child) moving from the memorial towards the heavens. Of course, note the blue and white enamel usage.

Courtesy: Don Shelton
Year: c.1800