Brooches 20.07.2012

Round Eye Miniature Eye Portrait Brooch

Curl Eye Portrait Brooch Georgian

Direct attention is paid to the eye in this particular brooch; detail that is flanked by its art and directly creates a mood to its setting.

Rather than being a direct interpretation of the literal ‘eye’, this particular portrait eschews to the Neoclassical idealised depiction of the eye. The almond-shape and the curls are shown in the style of high fashion for the time. Furthermore, the element to this piece which is most interesting is the placement of the eye in the top of the brooch and the sky motif blending into the face itself.

Round Eye Portrait Brooch Georgian

This blending has created negative space to the right of the piece, taking away from the left eye completely. This brings the attention back to the right eye and its crescent pupil; the direct reflection of the light in the eye becomes the immediate focus of the piece.

As is the principal with eye portraits, this piece maintains its anonymity through its lack of dedication and its general focus to its subject.