Brooches 04.07.2012

JJ, A Sepia Neoclassical Brooch

Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Initials

This remarkable brooch shares many popular characteristics of its time and creates a statement for itself in contemporary fashion. Symbolically, there’s a resonance of triumph and unity within the piece, between the combination of the initials and the design of the border flanked with laurel. What makes this so remarkably proud is how it is adapted into the narrow navette shape in sepia. The design is a personal one, as the initials clearly show a bespoke attention to detail with the leaves flowing into the sepia from north to south through the initials themselves.

Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Initials

Look to the similar pieces (‘Love Unites Us‘ / ‘1786 Sepia Ring “Sacred Will I Keep Thy Dear Remains”‘) and notice the shape and the design to the gold of the border. This was a popular style for the narrower shapes of navette during the mid 1780s.

Neoclassical Sepia Brooch Initials

An important thing to note is that the piece is roughly 2cm tall, which, when compared with the larger sizes that would dominate the 1790s, this piece was designed for personal wear and function, which is certainly one of the most important factors to a sentimental jewel. The jewels were worn to remind the person of their loved one and the pieces which could be part of the daily accoutrement would indeed generate the most memories.

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Courtesy: Sarah Nehama
Country: England
Year: c. 1789