Memories 18.03.2012

The Week in Mourning

Last week we began to look at the Neoclassical movement and its impact on the Rococo change-over, but this week we went back to the very late Rococo to look at how the change reflected in jewellery of Rococo styling and pieces that may be considered anachronisms of the late 18th century. We also looked at how some jewels can be considered false due to their marriage of different styles, such as the marriage of a c.1700 Stuart Crystal and a modern Rococo band to create a ring.

For those who came in late, read on!

Mourning Band From 1770 Tells of Things to Come

This ring from 1770 not only is a lovely piece, but we took the time to discuss how art changed with the advent of the Neoclassical movement, yet didn’t necessarily change style on a specific date. One must consider many things before calling a piece an ‘anachronism’, as change isn’t an overnight thing… read more


Spotting Conversions and Changes in Early Rings

This ring is a very obvious conversion of a Stuart Crystal. Read on to find more about how later times appropriated jewels for other uses… read more


Embroidered Hair on Silk/Material Ring, 1763

Embroiodered hair on silk is a technique explored by the early Neoclassical period of the 18th century. Find out more about this and other influences during the beginning of popular art styles… read more