Memories 31.12.2011

…And a Happy New Year!

Tomorrow begins the first day of 2012, a year that I believe will create more memories and sentimental wishes than 2011, a year where we can all reflect upon what has come before and initiate a rebirth of goodwill and love for acquaintances, friends and family!

Lord Coconut Memento Mori Ring

As my little piece of goodwill for the new year, remember that in January, if you quote ‘mourning’ to the contemporary jewellery with an historical twist website at Lord Coconut:

 > Lord Coconut Website

You receive 10% off all items. Don’t be deceived by the jewellery being for men, many styles and sizes are for the ladies as well.

We have a lot of memorial madness to get through this year, Dear Mourner, so get ready to relish the past and discover new areas of memorial and sentimental history in art and jewellery!