Brooches 15.06.2011

Skull and Hairwork in a 1697 Stuart Crystal Ribbon Slide

1697 Ribbon Slide

Circular / oval styles became more common in slides during the late 17th Century and into the early 18th Century. The depictions underneath the crystal grow more sophisticated as they evolved, but the sentiment remained the same. Note the evolution of the skull between this time and this ring from 1745. Behind the gold cipher and skull and crossbones memento is a layer of hair and silk, which this picture displays very well. Faceting in the crystal can make viewing pieces of this era difficult, due to reflection, but enhance the desirability of the piece.

1697 Ribbon Slide Stuart Crystal

Courtesy: Barbara Robbins
Year: 1697
Dedication: Aged 91 dyed 19 Feb: 97