Rings 14.04.2011

c1770 Garnet Paste Ring

1770 Garnet, Paste RingA wonderful antique late Georgian English, solid 9 carat gold (tests thereabouts) ring; beautifully made, with ornate shoulders, radially fluted basket-back head, and set with a deep red foiled garnet flanked by four graduated colourless pastes in silver settings.

This one actually fell through the cracks of my collection, as I’ve been buying more than I’ve been talking about over the past year or so (I’m doing it for myself and it feels so good). This one comes from England and shows all the signs of the Rococo period in transition.

Of note is the rosette shape to the bezel, this is usually a good (though rough) indicator to mid 18th century rings as well as the rather straight-edged band. The band brings it more into line with the emerging neoclassical period, which started to remove the excessive organic flourishes from gold work and follow more geometric lines (whilst presenting its business end within the artistry of miniatures). Do note that this band has sizing to the back and no dedication to speak of.

A nice little thing.