Art 11.01.2011

1914 Memorial Sampler

From 1914, this piece shows the great difference in style from the previous century.

In many ways, it is more naive, though has the symbolism of the anchor and cross.

1914 Needlework SamplerUse of ribbons in this piece may have been a personal preference by the weaver, but that shows just how unique these pieces are. The formal style that was popular not long before (and still popular at the same time as this was produced), is simply not used because of the personal nature of the piece and its defiance of external stimuli.

Courtesy: Barbara Robbins
Year: 1914

“In loving memory of our darling boy Thomas Holden
Who died Feb 11 th, 1914
Aged 14 years.

“A lovely child a father’s pride a mother’s hope with tears of love
For we were constant by his side till he was call’d to heaven above
Deeply Mourned

To Aunty From Edith