Funeralia 04.07.2010

Spotlight On: 1840s Mourning Wreath

1840 Memorial WreathHairwork has a large role to play in the creation of much memorial art. Other hairwork memorials such as this vary in style and concept, but are still related in their art. In this example, the piece stands at 42x36cm with five different kinds of hair inside. The hairwork is placed on a silk background and the frame is unique to the piece. Over the next few days, I’ll show some more examples on the blog so you can see how they changed and how unique a memorial was. Memorials such as this often contained inscriptions or dedications to a certain person. Flowers as well as the hair are often placed in the art as well.

Immortals, which would be hung from a vault or would stand on a grave were flowers styled with plaster over tin. Doves and clasped hands are were also created (most dating from the early 19th Century) and are highly sought after.

Frames and items associated the hairwork memorial are often as unique and personal as the pieces themselves.